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Remote Surveillance

Remote Surveillance

Safety, security and a peace of mind

HD Resolution Indoor Wi-Fi Camera

This is where smart home security meets sharp night vision. Designed for simple and quick installation , the C1C’s super night vision safeguards every corner – even in places without illumination.

Outdoor Smart Wi-Fi Camera

A camera with Pro Deterrence. The C3W (ezGuard), a Full HD wall-mounted outdoor Wi-Fi camera, uses a built-in strobe light and alarm for deterrence, while also offering two-way talk and durability in any type of weather.


Active Light and Sound Alarms for Enhanced Defense

Upon detection, the C3W (ezGuard) activates a loud siren and strobe light to scare off intruders. The siren can reach up to 100 dB strong enough to act as a deterrent.


100dB built-in siren


Strobe light to deter intruders

One Camera for the Whole Room

By combining 360° horizontal panorama and smart tracking, the C6TC is a Wi-Fi pan-tilt camera that gives full-room coverage and delivers clear 1080p FHD video in rich colors and sharp details.

Wireless Network Vide Recording (NVR)

The X5C (ezNVR) is a wireless NVR with HDMI and VGA ports that supports up to 8 Wi-Fi cameras and conforms to ONVIF standards. It features strong wall penetration and an enhanced Wi-Fi signal.


Smart Alarm

smart alarm_2

Our Smart Alarm System Supports The Following

Mobile Remote Control

Lets you arm/ disarm and checking status, so smart.

Schedule Arming

You can set time schedule for automatically arm and disarm all day.


It's so smart ! Smart Auto Arming features protect your home when you are away.

Easy Control

You can easily control all the zone either open, close, bypass or alarm.

Fire Alarm

Danger is not only external but internal too. 24 hours smoke detector is a must.

Status Indicator

Know your alarm status even when away from home.

2 in 1 Video Alarm

Just add on the network camera and hard disk. It will be your CCTV system. Money Saving!

Press Control

Using large click panel to arm and disarm your alarm.

Perimeter Sensor Support

Upgrade to perimeter sensor to trigger the alarm before break in occur.

End-To-End Protection For Your Home


Indoor Zone Protection


Outdoor Boundary Protection


Perimeter Protection


24 Hours Protection