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Welcome to LinkUp Smart Home Solutions

Features and Capabilities

LinkUp provides expertise and integration in applying technology to various use cases – including home automation, entertainment, remote surveillance, home security, smart gardening and digital wellness.

Single App to Control Your Smart Devices

Smart Switches

Add voice or app-based control to your swithces throughout your home.

Smart Sensors

Get real-time status of your home with multiple smart sensors, including your alarm system.

Smart Lighting

Control lighting schemes, set timers and schedules, and change colors

Smart Scheduling

Create personalized schedules to automate your smart devices.

Smart Scenes

Scenes allow you to control multiple preconfigured devices to work together.

Voice Control

Control all your devices with your voice!


Smart Alarm System Conversion

LinkUp  enables any existing wired alarm system to be upgraded to a smart alarm system. Users will then be able to monitor their wired alarm sensors from their smartphones, whenever and wherever they are. 


Real-Time Home Monitoring

LinkUp also provides cutting edge 3D floor plan customization service. The interactive 3D floor plan provides a bird’s eye view of the connected devices in a home in real-time. This enables customers to have full control of their devices at their fingertips.


Facial And A.I. Powered Verification

Our facial recognition technology is deeply embedded with our smart home solutions, providing a whole new level of automated controls and intelligence.


Please contact us to verify if your smart devices are supported by our LinkUp smart home system.