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Home Security

Home Security

Intelligent security with next generation smart locks

Managing an airbnb property?

Smart lock solutions eliminate the problems of remotely managing property access, including: the expense and hassle of key exchanges, the disruption of early check-ins and overstays, and eliminates the security risks of unauthorized access.

  • Easily Provide Guest Access Codes
  • Integrated With Airbnb Booking
  • Monitor Guest Arrivals and Update Reservations
  • Manage One or Many Doors and Properties
  • Become Airbnb Business Travel Ready with 24 X 7 access mangement

Philips 9200 Series

Push Pull Smart Door Lock

Now you can enjoy the convenience of the intuitive unlocking and auto-locking, the comfortable feeling of the humanized detail designs and the visual pleasures of a streamlined body and color blending of a deep texture

Philips 7100 Series

Level Lock 171

Philips EasyKey 7100 series employs 4 proofs durable mortise. The simple design makes the lock beautiful and elegant. Eye-pleasing and functional, EasyKey 7100 series gives you and your family a new experience of comfort and peace of mind

Philips Alpha

Push Pull Smart Door Lock

With the simplicity brought by speedy unlock and auto lock and the safety ensured by dual verification and C-grade lock cylinder, Alpha is a solid choice for smart life. The ergonomics design even makes it a pleasure to push the door open

Philips 5100 Series

Rim Lock 151

Simple design, compact and thin. Widely suitable for installation on both inside and outside doors. you can throw away the keys and instantly enjoy a smart and convenient life. No need to remove the traditional door lock, you can easily create a private space